Dear Members,
We are nearing the end of summer and fall, and football should be kicking in soon! I want to thank all
our staff for all their hard work during these busy summer months. I also want to thank our trustees for
putting in a lot of hours to make sure that our summer events go as smooth as possible. It’s a lot of
work for all of you and I hope you realize it is very appreciated.
It is time to announce our Eagle of the Year and that is Laura Sutherland. She is our membership
chairman and is responsible for inputting all new members as well as conducting all the orientations for
the new members. Considering that we were #1 in the country for new members with 531 new
members for our last fiscal year and 147 ea. already YTD for this year, that is a LOT of work. Laura also
serves as one of our trustees and helps in more facets than many of us will ever see or realize. Thank
you, Laura and congratulations! You earned it!
Our Eagle of the Month this month is Mike Gaboury Sr. Mike took time out of his busy schedule to
replace some sprinkler heads out at the 15th street pavilion last month. It took several hours to
complete but he stepped up to the plate. Thanks again Mike! It’s members like you that keep the
eagles running as well as it does.
Until next month,
Dustin Okon
El Presidente
CdA Aerie #486



Thank you to everyone that has donated to the State Presidents Charity for mentally challenged kids for their recreational needs. We have $1420.00 in the bank but need $3800.00 more to meet our goal of $5000.00. We still have a lot of great prizes available. I have personally won free drinks, two five draft beers on NFL Sunday certificates, free sandwich and free burger.
We have not even begun to give out all the free $20 and $10 gift certificates. So, let’s give to the kids and make our goal. We just received eight (8) twenty-five ($25) gift certificates to be added to our capsule bottle.

This last month we gave North
Idaho Hospice $2000.00 for
emergency kits to be used when
they lose power to the hospice
rooms. We also are getting our
lodge name on the wall in front of
the Hospice building. This is all
happening because of all the
generous donations given by our

I hear the team to beat this
year is New England. The
sleeper teams could be the
Raiders and 49ers. Seahawks
need help. Green Bay might
have a very surprising year.
Denver has a long way to go.
I’ll give you and update after
the season starts. Stay Tuned.
I hope this newsletter finds all in
good health, especially with the
hot and smoky summer we are
having, be safe out there. At
the Aug 15th Trustee meeting
we met with our CPA and she
gave us some suggestions on
how to run the social room
finances a little smoother, one
of the suggestions was to
create a finance committee
made up of our local members
that have expertise in that
area. If anyone is interested in
volunteering, please contact
any of the Trustee’s or our
Worthy President. On Sept 9 at
1 PM Bonner’s Ferry will be
hosting the District 4 meeting,
all members are welcome, it
would be a great way to meet
other Eagles in the Panhandle,
District 4 includes the Hayden,
CdA, Post Falls, Sandpoint and
Bonner’s Aeries, so come one,
come all. And as always, I urge
members to attend the Aerie
meetings which are on the 2nd
and 4th Wednesday of the
month at 7 PM. Attending not
only keeps you informed on all
matters pertaining to the Aerie
but also gives you the

opportunity to influence how
the Aerie is run.
Respectfully, your Trustees
Have questions and not sure
who to ask? Here are some
resources to help find the
Aerie Secretary
Scott Sutherland
208-664-5612 M-F 1-4 pm
Auxiliary Secretary
Eleanora Capaul
208-765-1397 Leave message
Aerie Membership Chair
Laura Sutherland
Rental Coordinator
Lori Gaboury
208-661-9808 Leave message
Social Room